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We love the results so much

Our Rocky boy came back to us the same sweet boy but now he has manners! So thankful for all the work my trainer did! She kept us updated daily and has continued to keep in touch even though he’s already been home for a few weeks. Thank you Off Leash K9! We love the results so much we are coming back to do Therapy Dog certification.


Hannah K.  // Verified Google Review


Whatever you do ignore the ONE bad review and read all the amazing things we have to say about this amazing company and trainers!

I can’t begin to say enough good things about trainer with #olk9spokane. I was used to being “walked” by my dogs and did not enjoy taking them into public until I invested my TIME & MONEY and I have never once regretted it. The $ you spend is 100% worth it and the results are superior .

ANYONE who wants a well mannered pup and extremely friendly and professional trainers need to look no farther . Off leash training is the BEST!!


AriAnna J.  // Verified Google Review

it’s worth every penny!

Off Leash K9 Training Spokane is hands down the best decision we ever made for our pup and for our family! We took our yellow lab Sky here when he was 20 weeks, and we opted to do the 2 week board and train with out trainer. She did an exceptional job with him, and were 4 months post training and Sky is still perfect and well behaved!

I recommend Off Leash K9 to all of my friends and family, and definitely recommend it to you! It’s so worth the money, don’t cheat yourself out of an amazing program, it’s worth every penny!


Caiti W.   // Verified Google Review

I have seen some amazing transformations

Our trainer has a passion for dogs that is unmatched. The dogs left in her care are returned to their families with discipline and manners, and have been transformed into Dogs that Families can enjoy spending time with; no longer a troublesome burden due to lack of Obedience.

I have seen some amazing transformations take place under the Off Leash K9 Program and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for actual results that work. They offer a commitment to a lifetime of support for your Canine Family Member. And they stand behind it!


Zach P.  // Verified Google Review

I highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training in Spokane!!!!!

After each session he would come home with more confidence, not to mention manners. He loved going to class and he definitely loved my trainer!!! I plan on signing up for several more classes to further Bentley’s training skills. I highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training in Spokane!!!!!


Carlson K.  // Verified Google Review

worth every cent I paid!

I brought my 5 month old defiant German Shepherd puppy (Abbie) to our trainer and did the two week board and train. She did an amazing job teaching Abbie good manners, heel, place, off, and many other commands. When I got Abbie back, she was no longer defiant and without commanding, even quit doing things she previously was reprimanded for!

Her training made all the difference in the world! She was great to work with and is one of the few people I trust to care for my dog – I travel regularly and I have her board my pup when I’m on the road because I know she is in good hands with her and the cost is worth the piece of mind. I highly recommend  Off Leash Training – it was worth every cent I paid!


Janell C.   // Verified Google Review

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