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Spokane’s OLK9 Dog Training Blog is here to help you learn all you need to know about dog training. We talk about training methods, the Off Leash K9 Training advantage, and we give you practical tips you can do at home to get that obedient dog of your dreams!

Yes, we train hundreds of dogs every year. But equally as important, we training dog owners! Helping you understand why your dogs do the things they do can only make you a better dog owner and bring peace to your family. 

Off Leash K9 Training is the world’s highest-rated dog training company. And our Spokane Off Leash K9 location is one of the best!

Enjoy our Blog and check back often for more tips and dog training information!

Shaping Confident Puppies: The Key to Well-Adjusted Dogs

Shaping Confident Puppies: The Key to Well-Adjusted Dogs Learn how to shape a well-adjusted dog through puppy socialization and confidence building and see what training programs are available through Off Leash K9 Training Spokane to assist.   Puppy Socialization: Shaping

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The Perfect Age: When to Start Dog Training Classes.

When to Start Dog Training Classes? The ideal age to start new puppy training classes is between 8-12 weeks, as early training can prevent behavioral problems in the future and is crucial for socialization and imprinting behaviors in a puppy’s

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Unleashing the Benefits: Why Dog Training Classes Matter

Why Dog Training Matters Discover the numerous benefits of dog training classes, including strengthening the bond between owners and their dogs, addressing problematic behaviors, enhancing communication, and personalized training options offered by Off Leash K9 Training of Spokane & CDA.

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BLog Post 2

I’ve personally experienced the advantages of e-collar training for dogs in my capacity as a professional copywriter and authority on the subject. Despite considerable criticism in recent years, this training technique is still an effective way to control a dog’s

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